MTBF Prediction Services

Mean time between failure (MTBF) predictions has many applications including substantiating a design requirement, identifying reliability drivers, making competitive product evaluations, selecting warranty periods, advertising and marketing. Relteck can help you calculate your MTBF for your company product or system. MIL-HDBK-217F, Telcordia SR-332, Mechanical (NSWC), NPRD95 and 217 Plus are the most popular MTBF prediction standards. Commercial Bellcore TR-332 or the Commercial Telcordia SR-332 are both available for use. A variety of end user environment are provided by each standard to allow tailoring of failure rate data to your product’s market.

Reliability Engineering Consulting

Relteck bring reliability engineering expertise and resources together in a flexible and customized way to improve your organization's ability to produce reliable products. Relteck provides your company with a fast, cost effective reliability engineering consulting & analysis to help you meet your reliability goals for maximum system & components effectiveness. The friendly staff at Relteck will provide you with superior customer service & the most competitive prices available on the market. Our staff offers highly respected technical expertise, personable service, and quick response. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives.

Reliability Testing & PCB Sherlock Analysis Simulation Services

Relteck is a full service product testing lab located in Los Angeles & Silicon Valley, Fremont, California. We have developed a state of the art reliability testing facility to test various technology products, systems & components. Relteck specialized in reliability environmental, mechanical testing and HALT/ HASS testing for both design and manufacturing technology. Relteck have been providing quality, cost effective testing services for the commercial, semiconductors, military, telecommunication, computer server system, medical and transportation industries.



Relteck Offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Ansys Sherlock Reliability Analysis Simulation Software Testing & Consulting Services during Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototype design & development stage lifecycle analysis.


Relteck Provides Highest Quality Customer Service

Relteck is committed to providing quality MTBF Prediction, reliability engineering consulting and reliability testing services to our customers. In each interaction with our valued customers, our sincere promise is to Quality and Customers satisfactions. Relteck professional staffs are dedicated to making every customer's project & service a high priority you have with us something special. Our commitment, flexibility and convenience are our most important concerns to our clients project need and on time delivery of services. Relteck commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction is the responsibility of every employee and is demonstrated by providing quality services, on-going management review and continual improvement based on customer feedback.