PCB Sherlock Analysis

An image depicting PCB Sherlock Analysis
Ansys Sherlock is a game changer for product development and reliability testing because it allows you to minimize the expenses associated with prototyping and testing physical products by predicting where things can go wrong. This technology is especially helpful in the world of printed circuit boards (PCBs). However, using the software does come with a learning curve.

To get started with PCB Sherlock analysis reliability software, work with the experienced software consultants at Relteck. 

Relteck Offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Ansys Sherlock Reliability Analysis Simulation Software Testing & Consulting Services during Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototype design & development stage lifecycle analysis.

Thorough Reliability Testing

When you work with a reliability consultant from Relteck, you won’t just get help with PCB Sherlock analysis—you’ll gain access to proven experience in the field of reliability testing so that you can provide products that your customers can count on. Our consultants will utilize Ansys Sherlock along with a variety of other proven tools and techniques that will give you a clear picture of how your PCB will perform before you ever even build a physical prototype.

Ansys Sherlock is a physics-based software, which allows it to accurately predict the performance and reliability of products in real time. This allows you to make quick fixes and repeat tests in a far shorter time than you would be able to if you had to conduct testing with physical prototypes. You’ll save time, which translates to saved expenses. You’ll also save money on the materials you would otherwise use for prototypes.

Relteck experienced and knowledgeable engineers performs Sherlock Reliability Analysis simulation using Ansys proven software for thermal cycling temperatures, random vibration, design life analysis and solder fatigue analysis during PCB product prototype design stages and throughout product Lifecyle simulating PCB real life environmental and mechanical laboratories testing during prototype stage of the product life cycle before performing any expensive reliability testing.

Proven Reliability Consultants

Relteck has many years of experience performing and using Ansys Sherlock reliability analysis simulation software for PCBA board design during and throughout the product design life cycle. We have worked with dozens of companies of all kinds, the most notable being NASA, Amazon, and Microsoft.

We are committed to providing quality services and pursuing continual improvement of our processes. Moreover, we offer exceptional customer service and competitive prices to allow you to achieve your goals without hurting your bottom line.

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